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Senator buys (and drops) thousands in defense stock after pushing Trump for bigger military budget
Its raining money: Looting chaos on New Jersey highway after Brinks van door malfunctions (VIDEOS)
US Senate passes resolution blaming Saudi Prince MBS for Jamal Khashoggi murder
Dozens of bomb threats by Bitcoin scammers hit several US states
Grinch Trump steals Christmas (party) from journalists
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It doesnt matter if I cant see, I still celebrate: Blind Liverpool fan becomes viral sensation
Brexit battle lines: England legends Gary Lineker & Peter Shilton clash on Twitter
NBA icon Jordan slaps Charlotte Hornets star Monk after early celebration (VIDEO)
Strasbourg football team close stadium to public in securty measure after 3 killed in deadly attack
A serious & disturbing signal: Russian anti-doping chief on allegations against biathlon team

Get the f**k out!: Santa rips off beard, screams at children after fire alarm goes off
Corbyn plots no-confidence motion with DUP in Mays Tory govt before Christmas - reports
Sex text MP has whip restored for crucial vote as May seeks power over principle
British MPs to vote on Mays Brexit deal in January
Chancellor Hammond labels Rees-Mogg, Boris & co extremists as Tory civil war gets ugly

Fined for discrimination: School ordered to pay after student excluded for her pink hair
Prosecutor says he never blamed official Moscow over Montenegro coup plot
Video of nurses abusing mentally ill patient sparks outrage, clinic boss ready to resign
Russia mulls fines for involving minors in unlawful protests
Russians like China, dislike US, split about EU - poll

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